Jennie Stenerhag

Sponsorer / Partners

Det här är de företag som är med och stöttar min satsning mot mina mål. Ett stort tack till er alla!

Fairtree capital - main sponsor in South Africa, a new relationship since 1 January 2019 and the support I need to be able to ride my bike.

Åbro brewery - main sponsor in Sweden, would not be able to make this happen without them! Am increadibly thankfull for everything they do for me!

Very nice lightweight bikes! I am very happy and proud to ride these bikes. 

Ceetec carbon makes the best and lightest handlebars, wheels, bottle cages etc etc! Proud to have it on my bike!

There is no better chain lube on the market! I have used it for 12 years and would never change.

I would never leave for a ride without the Sahmurai sword in my handle bar, just in case I get a puncture.

I am driving in style in the new Skoda Kodiaq from Bilmetro in Borlänge!

Åsa Mattsson


Physically and mentally