Jennie Stenerhag

Sponsorer / Partners

Det här är de företag som är med och stöttar min satsning mot mina mål. Ett stort tack till er alla!

Åbro brewery - main sponsor, would not be able to make this happen without them! Am increadibly thankfull for everything they do for me!

Åbro's brewery in South Africa - they are always there for me! Locally produced craft beer near my SA home!

The best gloves on the market! I would not ride a bike without them!

There is no better chain lube on the market! I have used it for 12 years and would never change.

I would never leave for a ride without the Sahmurai sword in my handle bar, just in case I get a puncture.

I am driving in style in the new Skoda Kodiaq from Bilmetro in Borlänge!

Åsa Mattsson


Physically and mentally

Toppenbra gym i Falun!!